🗺️ From Milan to Istanbul: 9 Cities, 6 Countries, 1 Takeaway

In this post, join me on a trip through nine lively cities from Milan to Istanbul. Learn how to juggle work and fun, dive into cultural adventures, and get a taste of the remote lifestyle in a year of travel and self-discovery. It is a journey full of enriching experiences beyond the daily routine.

🗺️ From Milan to Istanbul: 9 Cities, 6 Countries, 1 Takeaway

This year has been a journey of a lifetime as I explored Milan, Limassol, Barcelona, Vienna, Hallstatt, Innsbruck, Munich, and Istanbul. At first, I felt guilty about taking time off, especially during busy periods. But as each day passed, I realized how enriching these experiences were. Here is a glimpse of my travels and the valuable lessons they taught me.

The Dilemma 🤔

I am deeply involved in data-driven marketing, running a CRO agency, and building a B2B SaaS startup where things are not going easy all the time, basically, you have to do all sorts of work. Taking time off seemed risky and daunting. Considering the unpredictable times globally, we do not know if tomorrow will let us travel around the world or not, I thought, why should I postpone my desire to explore new places if the only thing I have is this moment?

So, with a suitcase, good company, and a heart full of excitement, I set off.

The Digital Lifeline 🌐

The digital world is a big blessing, that we forget while blaming social networks and media for abusing our attention. Whether I was in the busy streets of Barcelona or by the calm shores of Hallstatt Lake, work was just a click away, so I could jump in Slack and see what was going on. The short trips turned out to be a perfect mix of work and exploration.

Every City, A New Experience 🗺

  • Milan: A city where fashion and elegance are everywhere. Mornings filled with coffee and shopping were a delightful experience.
  • Como: The picturesque landscape held me captive from the moment I stepped off the train till the last glimpse.
  • Limassol: A gateway to the Mediterranean, with a charming seaport and a variety of delicious foods.
  • Istanbul: A harmonious blend of East and West. The Bosphorus boat ride and the vibrant life on Istiklal Street were nice add-ons to the journey.
  • Munich: A sweet concoction of tradition and modernity. The Bayern match day and a visit to the BMW museum were the highlights.
  • Innsbruck: Nestled in the heart of the Alps, Innsbruck was a breath of fresh air with its charming old town and snow-capped mountains framing the scenery. Although the weather was foggy and we could not see the Alps themselves, the atmosphere was relaxing and soothing.
  • Hallstatt: An epitome of serenity, its ambiance acted as a charger, juicing me up to 200%.
  • Vienna: A city where streets tell stories of history and grand buildings catch your eye, reigniting my love for museums.
  • Barcelona: An architectural marvel igniting imagination. The city unfolded a canvas of freedom and myriad activities. The cherry on top? Grooving at Afterlife and Offsonar parties, a dream that pirouetted into reality.

What countries/cities should I visit next? Your advice will be much appreciated🙂

The Grand Takeaway ⚖

Juggling daily responsibilities can be challenging, but breaking free from the routine to embrace new experiences is vital. My travels helped me see beyond the everyday hustle. The world has so much more to unveil. And the beauty of it? You can still stay connected and tackle some work tasks while on the move.

The Bigger Picture 🖼

Here’s the key point. If you can travel to a new place without major hassles or huge costs, go for it! These experiences are priceless. They are the stories you will share with your kids and grandkids, not the hours spent at a desk (which are also important, but should not take 100% of your awake hours).

Remember, work to live, not live to work, at least, balance it.

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