✌🏻 My name is Gena and I, finally, decided to write down and document some stuff, that I find important and helpful in daily life. Hope you will find something interesting for yourself and will enjoy the content I post here.

🟣 There is no real purpose for this blog except to share some ideas, concepts, and insights I gain gradually. I am 24 years old (btw will be 25 in 20 days), run a CRO (conversion-rate-optimization) agency, and just try to make my life better each and every, that`s it. I am no guru in self-development, I do not understand life in all of its forms and I am not the one who will tell you what to do. But one thing I understand clearly is that I am constantly trying to improve my life and life of those people who I genuinely love. These 21k hours I have lived on this planet already gave me an understanding, that time is of the essence and we cannot waste it on negative energy, regrets, and flagellation.

🧐 In my blog I will be covering different aspects of my life: which books I read, what movies I watch, what courses I pass, what sports I do, how I manage my time, work-life balance, achieve new goals with my agency and most important - live a happy life and share those blessing with my family and friends.

🥳 I am really excited and inspired by the fact, that you have read all this text to this point, and hope, that my future posts will be full of joy for you and may even help in some situations. Wishing you a good day and hoping that I was able to make you smile at least one time already!

🌍Hello, world!

Intro words for the start of this blog