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Hey, guys! I have been away for some time and had a pretty intense week, but I am back again with a new story to share. As you can guess by the cover image of this post it will be about electronic music.

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Hey, guys! I have been away for some time and had a pretty intense week, but I am back again with a new story to share. As you can guess by the cover image of this post it will be about electronic music. Finding, listening to, and mixing new tracks is an essential part of my life, but it all started way back when I didn't have a smartphone or player to listen to music.

I was around 12-14 years, when house music tuned into my life, thanks to my cousin Romeo (yes, this is his real name), who was clubbing actively at that time. I used to visit him and while he was playing Lineage 2 or DOTA, we always listened to some interesting catchy tracks, I think the first one which took my attention was "For Granted" by Minimal Youth. So liberating with mind-blowing vocals, I could not stop listening to it. This was the moment when I realized, that electronic music resonated with me 100%.

The next "aha" moment was my first visit to a local city club "Garage Underground" a cult place in Chelyabinsk. It was my cousins` birthday, the 22nd of May around 9-10 years ago, and we were getting ready to open a nightlife chapter in our teenage years. Luckily, we had big brothers who have already paved the way for us. So, we got a little bit drunk in the restaurant, there were 3 of us, who had never been to a club and we were looking like total jerks, to be honest. All of us on some clothes like we were supposed to go work in the office not dance in a club, I thought, that it could give us elder look or something.

Party starter team is driving to the club: three office-suited morons and our elder brother with his friend, who are frequent guests at "Garage". We passed FC/DC without any problems and got in. It was quite dark inside, with subdued and strobe lights all over the place, the smell of alcohol and cigarettes was in the air.  There were not too many people around us, music hitting hard and interspersed with voices of people in the club. Of course, our jerk trio was looking totally odd compared to other guests in the club. For the first hour, I was just standing in the corner of the main stage, which was not that big, because there were 3 different dance floors, we were on the biggest one. Then our club guide, let's call him Viktor, took us to the bar so we could try sambuca for the first time. Each of us ended 5 sambucas and in 30 minutes we were already arm-wrestling with Viktor (it was his initiative, not ours) at our table near the dance floor when the magic happened.

I was losing in arm-wrestling again, faded and tired of ongoing alco-trip when I heard this song, which by far is one of most loved and frequently played in my daily life. It is "Careless" by Dusky.

In 10 seconds I initiated a complete dance floor massacre (please do not forget I am in an office suit in the club after 5 sambucas), jumping, singing, screaming, and interacting with people on the dance floor like it is the last time I am dancing. It was that moment when I truly enjoyed the music and good quality sound, goosebumps all over my body during the whole song, especially, on the drops. I danced for around 1 hour and then got too drunk to remember what was happening. The biggest problem I had was in finding that song, I believe there was no Shazam on my phone, so I was begging my elder cousin to ask DJ about this song, but he forgot. By lucky chance, in 4 months, I heard this song in Georgia, Batumi, when I was in the gym, it started playing, and in 5 seconds I circled back to this night when I heard "Careless" in Chelyabinsk, the day when my clubbing journey started. I am learning from my mistakes and this time Shazam was on my phone, I have found this track and now it is my companion for almost ten years, it never gets old.

After my first touches with house music, I will get deep into it. Many memorable parties, hundreds of outstanding tracks, and fascinating people will be a part of this journey. In new posts, I will share how I tried myself in event management and threw a number of parties in Chelyabinsk with cool world-class DJs and music producers, then started mixing tracks myself and even playing at some friend gatherings. Here are these happy moments:


Do you like electronic music? If so, please share with me some of your favorite tracks or mixes from SoundCloud, would be much appreciated🙂

Hope you enjoyed this one, have a nice day ahead!