Re-arrange it

Most of the time is not "how" much you do, but "what" you do and don`t. I have combined different productivity techniques for planning out my day/week, maybe it will work for you, as well, check it out in this short post and have a good day!

Re-arrange it

Hey, guys! It has been quite some time since my last post, been busy with work stuff, traveling a bit (discovered magnificent Barcelona), and doing some other things. But, today during my morning routine I caught an idea, that I would like to share with you.

In 21-century people have too many things they should/have/need to do, this is how it goes if you want to succeed in work, sports, personal development, and other spheres. So, you prepare a list of things you have to do every day and I bet this list is pretty big, take a look at mine (older version), for example:

  • Morning stretch
  • Airing out the room
  • Preparing a breakfast
  • Drinking coffee
  • Spanish/Georgian lessons
  • Reading
  • Studies (CXL course at this point)
  • Jogging/Gym
  • Meditation
  • Work (which includes around 10 tasks of different types)
  • Have a late lunch
  • Write a blog post
  • Journaling
  • Practice DJing
  • Sleep mode for all the gadgets after 9 pm

Some of my friends think that I am Superman (I know there are people that do 10x more than me, no need to remind about that) with this schedule, but sometimes I am not able to cover even 60% of what is written in my plan, because I get distracted, as everyone does. Scrolling reels for 30 minutes, watching Twitch streams, and other useless activities sometimes disrupt my daily schedule.

Recently I have discovered an interesting approach to planning out my day, by combining different productivity techniques, you can take a look at the updated version, maybe it will work for you, as well:

  • Morning routine - 10 min stretch, air out the room, prepare a breakfast, drink coffee
  • Spanish/Georgian lessons/Reading/CXL Courses (depending on a weekday)
  • Jogging/Gym
  • Meditation
  • Work
  • Lat lunch
  • Procrastination (not more than 30-60 min during the day)
  • Write a blog post/Journaling/Practice DJing (depending on a weekday)
  • Sleep mode for all  gadgets after 9 pm

So what are the main changes:

  • Consolidating all the morning activities into one line and making them time-framed makes it easier for my brain to process and accept what I have to do, so I do not get overwhelmed
  • Dividing self-dev activities into one in a day, make the process easier for my cognitive resources and I do not get bored with these activities after two days, as happened before
  • Devoting time to some procrastination also shows a pattern and programs your brain not to waste more time than planned

For those of you, who still are not setting goals, planning at least a day ahead, I highly recommend watching this video from my favorite channel Afterskool:

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