Hey everyone, get ready for a peek into my latest adventures as a digital nomad! May and June have been incredible months filled with both work wins and unforgettable travels. I journeyed through the stunning landscapes of Georgia, soaked up art and culture in France, and still made big strides in my business ventures. Settle in and let me share all the details with you!

It is a new format of posts mostly representing what has been going on in my life and some things I would like to keep for myself and my audience. Previous formats on certain productivity, lifestyle topics, and book reviews also will come out.

⛰️ Kazbegi Trip

I recently took an unforgettable 1-night trip to Kazbegi. Even though it was short, the experience highlighted why I love the freedom and flexibility of the digital nomad life.

Staying at Rooms Hotel was unbelievable - picture-perfect views, welcoming staff, and a breakfast spread that blew me away. Waking up to those snow-capped peaks made me so grateful for the ability to balance work and travel. Take a look at these shots to see the true beauty of Kazbegi.

🇫🇷 France Trip with my Mum (Paris, Rouen, Etretat)

This month, I had the privilege of treating my mum on a birthday trip to France. We explored the iconic sights of Paris, the charming streets of Rouen, and the rugged coast of Etretat.

More than the picturesque locations, this trip was about honoring the unwavering love and support my mum has always given me. I wrote her a heartfelt letter expressing my gratitude:

I owe you more than life, more than love, or anything someone can ever imagine. I dreamed of moments like this, back when I was 15, lying in bed at 4 am, nodding to Wale bars from “Ambition”, in our shithole in Chelyabinsk, while rats were snugging around. I imagined how our lives would turn around once I figured out how to get elevated just a bit. We’ve been through losses, sleepless nights, uncertainty, death, and tragedy, always side by side and you took care of me each step of the way. 
You taught me how to be smart, because of you I can speak 4 languages and a book was always my best friend, only with your love and care did I never let toxic people in my life, and because of you I treated girls around me like princesses and you inspired me to be a man that provides and gets the stuff done.
Happy to hug you here in Paris and then travel to Normandy, then any other place you want, blessed to gift you whatever you need, but I know there is nothing in this world you want more than a smile on my face and I feel the same for you too. 
Still a lot of stuff to handle, and still on the road to greatness and freedom, but now life is way better than even 3 years ago. The world is ours and always will be. 
Winning with/for/because of you, no reason to worry about anything in your life anymore, I got you now and forever, just enjoy every single moment. 
Luv u, Nancheza💜
Balancing Work and Travel: A Journey Through Eight Cities
In this post, join me on a trip through nine lively cities from Milan to Istanbul. Learn how to juggle work and fun, dive into cultural adventures, and get a taste of the remote lifestyle in a year of travel and self-discovery. It is a journey full of enriching experiences beyond the daily routine.

If you want, can check my previous trips last year in this post

Business Breakthroughs: InsightWhale and FanFuel Updates

On the work front, InsightWhale hit some major milestones in May. We smoothed out snags in our CRO projects and kicked off exciting new client collaborations. Just 2 weeks after our conversion audit, one e-commerce client is already seeing a whopping 9x ROI!

Meanwhile, with FanFuel, we're in the final stretch before launching on the Shopify App Store. Attending the Shopify Conference in Paris allowed me to connect with other movers and shakers in the ecosystem. I can't wait to share more once we live!

📊Analyze, then optimize
In one of my latest posts, I uncovered some details about InsightWhale and what we do for our clients. I have shared what digital analytics setup looks like and our approach to configuring tracking tools and today I want to show you the next step - conversion rate optimization audit.

A little bit more about InsightWhale

New NoAgenda Episode - Vis Ta Vie

NoAgenda - BearBlog

Lastly, I started a daily blog to capture my raw, unfiltered thoughts called BearBlog. It's a space for me to share ideas, revelations, and wild notions as they hit me. Join me and let's ponder this crazy world together.

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